CBD Dosage Calculator: How Much CBD Should I Take?

Since CBD has become widely available and you can buy hemp products even without a prescription, it’s necessary to learn how to choose the right dosage. Before you can determine your CBD dosage, you will need to know exactly how much CBD you are getting in the first place, expressed in milligrams (mg) on the label. Many CBD cigarettes brands use formula 100mg per cigarette. The CBD dose depends on many aspects, including your weight, the product strength, and the effect you strive to get. If you pick a small dosage, the chances are that CBD won’t even bring the desired health improvement, while a large dose may cause stomach disorders.

Using the CBD dosage calculator to find out the amount of CBD you should take is the best way to experience all the benefits of cannabinoid treatment. Our guide contains helpful information on  accurate CBD dosing, so keep on reading.

Picking the Right CBD Dosage

The first thing you should learn about CBD dosing is that the necessary amount differs from person to person. Some people need only 1 mg per day, and others take up to 100 mg. Finding an optimal dosage requires time, but it’s worth it because your experiments will help you explore your body reaction and benefit from CBD natural treatment. Consider the following information when calculating the dose:

1. The main principles for choosing the right CBD dosage

When experimenting with CBD dosage and trying to determine which amount works best for you, it’s unnecessary to hurry up. You should consider your body reaction and health changes promoted by a hemp-derived product. You can use the CBD oil dosage calculator and learn the main principles that will help you pick the best dose:

  • If you’ve never tried hemp products, taking low amounts of CBD is the best decision for you. Your body will have to get used to the effects promoted by the cannabinoid. Taking 5-10 mg of CBD twice a day is an optimal solution for starters.
  • Increase CBD dose gradually. If you don’t notice any changes after seven days since you’ve started the treatment, you can start taking a larger amount of CBD. Keep increasing the dose every three or four days if you don’t get the expected effect.
  • Adjust treatment schedule. Experimenting  with the frequency of daily dosage will help you avoid body tolerance to CBD.

2. Common CBD dosage

Every user should select the CBD dosage individually. While many people notice improvement after taking 20 or 40 mg of oil, you might limit the amount to 5 or 10 mg or take a larger dose than suggested. To determine optimal dosing, you can use a free CBD dosage calculator. But it’s necessary to consider major factors that influence the calculation.

3. Factors to consider when picking the optimal CBD dose

You should consider your age, weight, gender, health conditions, the disorder you want to treat, and the strength of a hemp-extracted product you’re planning to take. The most effective way to find out what amount of CBD works best for your body is to start with a low dose and increase it slightly. Many people insist that hemp didn’t bring any healing effect, but the truth is that they didn’t experiment with the dosage.

Calculate the Ideal CBD Dosage Depending on Your Weight

When picking the best CBD dosage for your body, use a CBD calculator. The calculation will depend on such factors as your weight, the strength of the hemp product you choose, and your health conditions. Let’s discuss every factor in detail:

1. Determining CBD dosage according to your weight

Your weight plays an essential role in choosing the right CBD dosage because those having a larger weight need a bigger dose. You can identify the amount you need to get the satisfying effect by using an online CBD calculator. However, these calculations can’t replace the doctor’s prescription if you have one.

2. Calculating the dosage by weight and strength

When calculating an optimal CBD dosage for your body, it’s necessary to take into account both your weight and product strength. Use this CBD dosage chart to figure out how much CBD you should take to get rid of anxiety, depression, chronic pain, and other disorders:

WeightLow StrengthMedium Strength High Strength
100 lbs 10 mg 30 mg 60 mg 
125 lbs 13 mg38 mg75 mg
150 lbs 15 mg45 mg90 mg
175 lbs 17 mg52 mg105 mg
200 lbs 20 mg60 mg120 mg
225 lbs 22 mg67 mg135 mg
250 lbs  25 mg75 mg150 mg

3. Picking strength depending on your health conditions

The strength of a hemp product you choose depends on a disorder you’re struggling with. Some people need an enhanced formula to feel the effect, while others cope with their diseases by taking tincture with low strength. Our guide will help you pick the right potency for effective treatment:

  • Cancer – high strength.
  • Social anxiety – medium or high strength.
  • Chronic pain – medium or high strength.
  • Headaches – low, medium, and high strength.
  • Nausea – low and medium strength.
  • Epilepsy – high strength.
  • Insomnia – medium and high strength.
  • High blood pressure – medium and high strength.

What is the Best CBD Dosage For You?

Although every customer should experiment to find the most optimal CBD dose, there’s a commonly recommended amount that can be taken. Typically, people take around 20-40 mg per day, but the chances are that you may need less CBD to feel better. If you decide to take hemp-derived oil, you can start at taking one drop or a few, depending on a product’s strength. If you prefer capsules, the dosage may vary from one to five pills per day.

Isolate CBD has incredible therapeutic properties that help people cope with anxiety, stress, depression, Alzheimer’s, and other health disorders. That’s why it’s important to identify the right dose to enjoy effective treatment. You can use a CBD dosage calculator to make sure that you’ll experience all the benefits of cannabinoid.

How to Choose CBD Oil Potency?

Picking the right CBD oil strength will bring you the best experience with a hemp-extracted product. But the variety of potencies is vast, and you can easily make the wrong choice. However, if you’ve calculated an optimal CBD dosage, you can also identify what strength will work best for you. Our recommendations are based on your possible dose, so you’ll pick the most effective CBD oil strength:

  • 5-10 mg – 250 mg CBD oil.
  • 15-20 mg – 250-500 mg CBD oil.
  • 25-45 mg – 500-1000 mg CBD oil.
  • 50-60 mg – 1000 mg and higher.

Measuring CBD Oil Drops

Taking the right number of CBD oil drops matters for effective treatment, so it’s necessary to calculate a little bit more. It won’t take much time because you only have to divide your target dosage by the strength of one CBD oil drop. Here are a few examples of how many drops to take depending on the dosage and potency:

Dosage – 5 mg:

  • 300 mg potency – 15 drops.
  • 600 mg – 7.5 drops.
  • 1000 mg – 4 drops.
  • 2500 mg – 2 drops.

Dosage – 10 mg:

  • 300 mg – 30 drops.
  • 600 mg – 15 drops.
  • 1000 mg – 9 drops.
  • 2500 mg – 4 drops.

Dosage – 15 mg:

  • 300 mg – 45 drops.
  •  600 mg – 22 drops.
  • 1000 mg – 13 drops.
  • 2500 mg – 5 drops.

Dosage – 20 mg:

  • 300 mg – 60 drops.
  • 600 mg – 30 drops.
  • 1000 mg – 18 drops.
  • 2500 mg – 7 drops.

Final Thoughts

If you’ve never taken nano CBD, but you realize that natural treatment is what you need to improve your health conditions, you should start with identifying the right dosage. Of course, you may think that any amount of CBD will help you get rid of pain, insomnia, or anxiety. But the main question you should answer before starting taking hemp-extracted products is “How much CBD should I take?” Once you answer that question, you’ll know the exact amount of CBD for your body.